Medicating with Moonpicks Toothpicks VS. Edibles, Vaping, and Sublinguals

   Moon Picks™ CBD Infused Toothpicks 

are one of the purest methods on the market for self-medicating, they are a sublingual and edible delivery All In One.  Our picks are infused from the Whole Plant Hemp Oil with pure CBD crystallite and requires no “piggyback” additive to infuse into each dental pick. 

   Keep the pick in your mouth until all of the flavor is gone at one time (this means the CBD level is probably “0” as well) or you can micro-dose as needed by simply only Sucking It for short periods of time.  Our dental picks do not contain any animal parts, are ZERO calories, Vegan friendly and completely Gluten free!

   Effects will be felt within 10-12 minutes. The saliva swallowed while sucking the pick is processed by the body like an edible, and this secondary effect occurs within 20-25 minutes. However, the stomach does NOT need to metabolize the saliva/water swallowed, the patient can take full advantage of the 100% delivery of the active ingredients in the pick.

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Medicating with CBD Toothpicks

  • No solvents +No carriers to create our formula

  • More Control of “Dosage”

  • Easily Micro-dose by removing pick

  • Pure CBD crystallite infused in pick

  • Gluten Free + Vegan Friendly + ZERO calories

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Rapid Effects -Ingested directly into the bloodstream through mucosa linings in the mouth and then via saliva through digestive



  • Stomach decreases potency
  • Slower for the body to injest
  • Hard to not use full dose
  • Contains Polypropylene (gummies)
  • Not Vegan
  • Can have Gluten


  • Can only injest full dose
  • Contains Polypropylene
  • must be held for 30 seconds
  • Not Vegan
  • Can have Gluten


  • Vape oils are poorly regulated
  • Damages lungs
  • Effects are short term
  • Has an odor
  • Not permitted everywhere
  • Not “discreet”
  • Cumbersome to carry a vape pen